More Haute Couture Boudoir Wraps

We at Creativ Dezign continually develop designs for accessories to enhance a woman's beauty, whether she is in or out of a boudoir. We have two new boudoir wrap designs that feature two different wools.

The dark coloured wrap shown is knitted in a Swiss chunky wool, and features a diamond-relief pattern. The orange transitional wrap shown is knitted in a silk, merino, alpaca wool combination, and features a highly textured knitted pattern.

diamond-boudoir-wrap    orange-boudoir-wrap

Both wraps are very soft and warm, and would be equally chic whether they are worn in the boudoir or with an evening dress. The knitted patterns on the wraps are visible to great advantage, when they are loosely draped over the shoulders.

diamond-wrap-back    orange-wrap-back

As with all our accessories, these wraps can be made in a variety of lengths, widths, colours, and natural fibres to suit your personal preferences and personality.