Haute Couture Boudoir Accessories

If you have ever wanted stylish haute-couture accessories to wear in your bedroom or around at home, look no further. Our newest creations are boudoir accessories: fingerless gloves, hats, and cowls. The gloves shown are knitted on the back and crocheted on the front side.

blue-boudoir-gloves    green-boudoir-gloves

The hats and cowls feature brioche rib knitting for warmth, texture, and visual appeal. The two-colour beret can be made in different numbers of sections to suit your style preferences.

blue-brioche-rib-beret    green-brioche-rib-beret

The two-colour cowl is fitted around the neck and shoulders, while the green cowl can be worn up, as shown, or rolled down at the front. All these accessories can be made in a variety of styles and colours in high-end natural fibres.

blue-brioche-rib-cowl    green-brioche-rib-cowl